Petah Tikva


A few kilometers east of Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva is one of the largest cities in Israel with its population of around 176,000  people.  The history of the city goes back to the 19th Century. Petah Tikva was founded in 1878 as a subsidiary of settlers in Jerusalem and became a center of citrus cultivation.  In 1937  Petah Tikva, which means “Gate of Hope”,  becomes a town .

Today nothing remembers to Petah Tikva’s agricultural roots. The economic backbone is now the industry, especially in the textile, metal, food and wood industries.

Tourism plays a minor role in Petah Tikva. Tourists are most  interested in a monument of honor to Edmond de Rothschild, of Petah Tikva Museum Complex, and the nearly located sources of the river Jarkon.

The partnership between Petah Tikva and Koblenz was officially closed in the year 2000.