The Chronicle


2009 20th anniversary of the Freundschaftskreis (friendship association) Koblenz-Petah Tikva
2001 First official visit of a delegation from Petah Tikva headed by the Mayor Itzhak Ochayon to the twin town Koblenz
2000 On June 11th, 2000 conclusion of the official partnership in Petah Tikva under participation of a Koblenz delegation of members of the local parliament, of members of the administration headed by the Mayor Dr. Eberhard Schulte-Wissermann, of the chairwoman Doris Leber and further managing committee members of the association.
1998 10th anniversary of the Freundschaftskreis (friendship association) Koblenz-Petah Tikva. Issue of a commemorative publication
1997 Opening of the photo exhibition “The Absent Photograph” in the Federal Archives in the presence of the ambassador of the State of Israel. Documentation on the murdered Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin.
1994 Beginning of the exchange of students of the Bischöfliches-Cusanus Gymnasium in Koblenz and the Ben Gurion High School in Petah Tikva
1992 Official visit of the head of the culture department of Koblenz, Dr. Ingrid Batori, und Doris Leber, the chairwoman of the Freundschaftskreis (friendship association), to Petah Tikva
1991 Visit of solidarity to Petah Tikva during the Gulf war
1990 First visit of students from Petah Tikva to Bischöfliches-Cusanus-Gymnasium at Koblenz
1989 Foundation meeting of the “Freundschaftskreis (friendship association) Koblenz-Petah Tikva” in the Federal Archives on June 21st, 1989
1986 Due to the suggestion of the head of the culture department of Koblenz, Hans-Peter Gorschlüter, Doris Leber in 1986 started to visit with tourist groups the city of Petah Tikva to establish first contacts
2009 20 Jahre Freundschaftskreis Koblenz-Petah Tikva. Feierstunde in Anwesenheit zahlreicher Gäste, darunter eine Delegation aus Petah Tikva