The Association

Petah Tikva was founded 120 years ago in the marshes 60 km southwest of  Jerusalem. She has 180,000 inhabitants today and lies in the conurbation of Tel Aviv.
The “Freundschaftskreis (friendship association) Koblenz-Petah Tikva” exists since 1989.

The association has made it its task to

  • promote and arrange for friendly contacts between the inhabitants, institutions and organizations of the cities of Petah Tikva and Koblenz as well as spreading knowledge about Petah Tikva in Koblenz
  • give the interested Koblenz citizens information about politics, society and culture of the State of Israel as well as keep the memory of our disastrous history up
  • support visitors from Petah Tikva in Koblenz and attract for journeys to Israel and to our twin town Petah Tikva. The association carries out such study visits in cooperation with the Adult Education Center (Volkshochschule) Koblenz
  • promote in particular the exchange of young persons from the two cities
  • The association fulfills these purposes by lectures, exhibitions or other activities.The association is party-politically and denominationally neutral. It pursues exclusively and immediately charitable purposes according to international u nderstanding. It finances itself from contributions, donations and subsidies of the city of Koblenz.

    Unterzeichnung Urkunde

    Since June 11th, 2000 there has been an official town partnership between Koblenz and Petah Tikva. It is the 6th partnership for Koblenz and it is the 100th partnership with a German town or territorial authority for the State of Israel.